Welcome to Qatar, lets explore

You will find first hand information to move in to Qatar if you are still in United States or if you are present in Qatar its a great forum to get in touch with your countrymen. This website is build to help expats and explaining their life in Qatar. You will get to interact with other Americans currently residing in Qatar. Best of Luck!

Doha Skyline at night

Qatar is a very small country with few cities. Doha is the major and biggest city of Qatar and people usually refer to Doha while introducing themselves e.g. “I live in Doha” instead of “I live in Qatar” because Doha has the most population and other cities are not even developed.

A view of downtown Doha

Like metropolitan cities, Doha also has high rise buildings and some more development coming in upcoming years due to increasing population and companies.

A beach view at Fawairit

Qatar is surrounded by beaches however they do not provide any facility not even parking. Only few beaches have parking, its because all famous hotels has clubs and private beaches for their members only. They charge high amounts for members to use beaches and other facilities.

Celebrations in Qatar – National day

Lots of celebrations go on in Doha, Government try to make programs on daily basis for children and families to involve people. Most people complain about not having enough to do in Doha so government is engaged in providing more activities so people can enjoy.

Pearl Qatar

Pearl Qatar is one of the most famous places in Qatar, designed on very high standards and offering lots of property where foreginers can buy too however due to high prices and being little far from city center Pearl Qatar is not progressing as expected. Lots of empty apartments however the place comprises of many high end shops and restaurants.

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