Weather in Qatar

Year round weather in Qatar:

If we talk about the year round weather in Qatar then its mostly hot and humid. Unlike in United States and other western countries you have to cope with extremely hot weather where you cannot go out in daytime. Even in winters its not cold so it would be a one of the most important things to be considered while deciding to move to Qatar.

Weather in winters:

Mostly pleasant, you will not have to wear jackets, only thin uppers can work.

Weather in summers:

Very hot and humid , typically from May to September heat is very intense. Temperature sometimes exceeds 50°C. yes it’s true!

Weather in Spring:

The winters are like spring as its not very cold in Qatar, from Oct to Apr the weather is pleasant, fluctuating between 17°C to 24°C.

Rain in Qatar:

Once in a year in Jan/Feb or sometimes not even once or is so brief that its just showers.

Clouds in Qatar:

Its a dessert, what can you expect, its very difficult to capture a landscape with a piece of cloud, its always sunny with sun throwing fire.

Sand storms in Qatar:

Occurs all the time resulting in ow visibility. lasts for few days sometimes leaving everything in a layer of sand. During this time period visibility is so low that you cannot see building in distance.

Pictures During Sand Storms:

you can easily gaze sun in a sand storm, check this picture.

See the pictures of buildings / Doha Skyline with and without dust below:

Without Dust see, its so clear:

Qatar weather graph: Average weather / rain fall all year round:

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